About Alkimiya Artisanal

Hello there! My name is  Oana Cristina and I am a Romanian creator, currently based in Bucharest. Alkimiya Artisanal is a concept born from a passion for artisan crafts, mainly for metalsmithing, but it also tends to experiment with other forms of expression. I feel humbled by nature and am in awe of  its beauty. I realise that we , as humans are part of it and therefore my desire is to create as sustainably and consciously as possible. This is why I use recycled metals and materials to the greatest extent and focus on a conscious , eco-friendly process from jewelry making to packaging.

I create and dream in a small studio I have at home  and fantasize about the day I will be able to do this as my full time job and source of revenue.

Alkimiya Artisanal means, most of all, being in touch with my creative self, my psyche, love of nature and environment.

This blog is for me, a space where I intend to share my creations, ideas and provide context by speaking about topics that my art draws inspiration from.

As a Romanian, I treasure my culture and take pride in my heritage.

As a Romanian, I treasure my culture and  take pride in my  heritage.

To this end, I came up with a section called POVESTIRI DIN CUFAR which translates to TALES FROM THE TREASURE CHEST , where I mostly but not solely, speak about legends, archetypes and  connotations behind mystical and archaic symbolism , making analogies with the Romanian Folklore, hoping to share more of it with the world.

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