Apple symbolism ā€“ from seed to myth

Close your eyes, and tell me what comes to your mind when you think about autumn evenings? I for sure can think of a hot cup of herbal tea and a wonderfully scented apple pie. Oh yes, the fall season is officially upon us, and apples are the first of many gifts that the EarthContinue reading “Apple symbolism ā€“ from seed to myth”

Blue -the color of the past in traditional Romania

EN I have recently visited Transilvania, a part of Romania that holds a very special place in my heart, for various reasons which Iā€™m not going into detail about, in here. What I want to talk about, though is the connotations of the color Blue and the symbolism it holds within the Romanian and moreContinue reading “Blue -the color of the past in traditional Romania”

Bendis Diana -Mother of Fairies,Calusari and Women Healers

EN Artemis -Bendis is a  Geto-Dacian and later Thracian Goddess, patron of the Moon,the Forest, Hunting, and Magical forces.  Her cult survived, in Roman Dacia, which led to her being assimilated by Diana, goddess of mountains, flowers, rivers, mother of all divine nature present in every person, place or thing (belief stemming from the conceptContinue reading “Bendis Diana -Mother of Fairies,Calusari and Women Healers”